Friday, July 10, 2009

Making Money: Woman to Women

Hello ladies! :)
This is tidbit is just for you! No boys allowed (wow haven't said that since second grade in my tree house :p).
This site, if for all those business prone girlies out there who want to get ahead and just become one with all the others out there just like yourself.
We, the females with Eszbonna's MnMs administration just signed up and it has already helped us tremendously!
It has not only empowered us, but assisted us in our own business ventures.
Try it out, and let us know what you think! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

* Making Money: Super Monopoly

This money making opportunity is for all of those monopoly lovers out there. And since I'm one of you, I might just meet you here.

But wheres here? Here is the annual Monopoly tournament!

Kitchener, Ontario is the location this year, and there were over one hundred gamers.

We all entered at the $20.oo entrance fee and the tournament began. There were four players at every board and one winner came out from each all the way up to the final round.

The winner of the final round wins $250.oo, the runner-up got $100.oo, the second runner-up got $75.oo and the third runner up got $50.oo; the rest went to a charity that is pre-chosen by the committee (this year it was for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation)

This year I was the runner-up and it was all very much worth it. Next year I'm going to signup again, not only because I had a blast and met a lot of people with similar interests, but because the main point of it all is to raise money for charity.

This opportunity is officially rated the best from the administration here at Eszbonna's MnMs! :)
For information on any upcoming years tournament, email us at and we'll send you the details.

Making Money: Sell Through Eszbonna's MnMs

So, for all of you entrepreneurs and crafty people out there, Eszbonna's MnMs are going to offer you something that we've never offered anyone before! Something that no other blog has ever offered before!

We want to work for you! That's right we don't just want to teach you how to make money but we actually want to do it for you!

We are offering you an opportunity to sell any of your products here, for absolutely nothing, no catches, no surprises. Anything of appropriate value we will put up and add with pictures and reviews along with a log about your product.

If your interested send us an email at with your name and product and we'll get back to you in under 24 hours. :)

Making Money: Avon

Avon is a company that has been around for years and helps people run their own business without having to create their own products.

If you go to, then you can get all the griddy details but here are the basics:
Its a Canadian company that only accepts workers that are at least sixteen years of age. You receive catalogues every month and at the end of that month collect all the money from those who you sold to and send it in along with the order to the company itself. Then within a week or two you'll receive all the products and all that's left is to distribute.

You will be selling tons of amazing cosmetics, clothes, accessories and more!

I would suggest checking out the site before signing up, but I defiantly post this as one of my top money making opportunities! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Making Money: WAHM & WAHM Canada

WAHM is no longer the sound of your child running into the glass door you just cleaned. Nope, it is now a site for all those Work-At-Home-Moms (do you see the acronym?).

Now if you need a little bit more cash or you have time on your hands when the kids take a nap (yeah, right!) you can! Listen to me, I sound like an infomercial. But it's true.

It teaches you ways, a lot like I do here (so why am I promoting them :S), to make money whle you have no time or just want to be home with the little munchkins.

Sadly, for all those who do not reside in North America, it is only for those in North America. So those of you here in Canada you would go to and all of you south in America you go to Pretty damn simple if you ask me.

So try it out, explore and enjoy. Im sorry that I couldn't give you any more information on wha they offer but because you are all indeviduals with different needs and WAHM has so many different options (most of which I list here too), you just have do go off and explore this one all your own. :)